Experiential Education

We have chosen experiential and active learning as a method to design and implement our programs, and this, because it constitutes a vital process for creating experiences, developing personality, and ultimately improving the quality of life.


Through experiential learning children:

✔︎ are encouraged to participate actively
✔︎ investigate & discover
✔︎ empower their ability to understand and interpret
✔︎ acquire knowledge through experience
✔︎ develop their personality smoothly

The Supporting Means

Our educational activities are implemented through participatory group activities, utilizing both new technologies and the experiential approach tools, such as: drama games, dramatization, storytelling, music-kinetic & puppet theater activities, original music and singing, kinetic games.

All supporting structures and materials used to achieve the objectives of each program are the intellectual property of the Experiential School.

Development of Themes

The choice of the themes we develop based on our educational thematic axes is a product of research in the educational community and is in line with teachers’ suggestions in support of the educational process, the suggestions of the scientific community as well as the requirements of the contemporary world.

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