Annual Educational Competition

We Create a Better World

Have you worked

for the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development?

Have you contributed with actions

in order to combat poverty, inequality and social injustice?

Did you take actions

to protect the environment during the last year?

If yes, then you are an integral part
of the global effort
to make our world better.

The “Bravo Schools” initiative aims at showcasing the most comprehensive educational approaches on social responsibility issues related to the 17 Global Goals of the United Nations for Sustainable Development.

Through the process, schools have a chance to:

raise the awareness

about the 17 goals to change our world


their best practices, their creativity and their uniqueness

be activated

exchange ideas and talk about their motivation


collaborations among schools


with a global educational network

be awarded

for their effort to change our world


their best works on the national wall of the program, as well as publish them to the global web page of World’s Largest Lesson
To learn more about the Competition,
call +30 210 6898593 or send an email to