Digital Recycling Program


Life with No Garbage: reduce, reuse, recycle

Educational program & School Competition about waste management

Through the online educational platform, educators, parents and children are informed about environmental and waste management issues, with a focus on Aluminium Recycling. The program is designed by the environmental educational team of the Experiential School.

On the online platform, you will find a wealth of material to implement a cross-curricular approach educational program in the context of environmental education. The program is supported by ELVAL Group and the Aluminium Can Recycling Center.

If you are a Teacher:

  • Information
  • Lesson plans
  • Activity sheets
  • Proposals for actions
  • Supporting material

If you are a Student:

  • Games
  • Activities

If you are a Parent:

  • Information
  • Activity proposals

School Competition

School classes participating in the program can also participate in the School Competition and:
  • participate in the Network of Schools
  • submit their photos of actions and creations
  • win various gifts

For further information and registration: +30 210 68 98 593