Arts & Culture Programs

In this section you can find experiential programs on arts and culture topics

Our programs have been designed based on educational needs and the curriculum and can be implemented: on the inside or outside of your school or at the Culture & Education Center The Betterland.

With the completion of each experiential program, each student receives a commemorative gift, while the classroom receives a participation award and the teacher supporting material so that teaching on the topic can be continued in the classroom.

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The programs:

Investigating Greek Tradition

A program about our cultural heritage

The challenge

Getting acquainted with cultural heritage and tradition is an important source of self-awareness and connection between the individual and its environment. And recognizing that both are part of an evolutionary course strengthens the self-esteem of the individual and at the same time its uniqueness in space and time.

The educational goals

The program, in line with Global Goals for Sustainable Development, helps children:

  • come in contact with Greek tradition and become familiar with our cultural heritage
  • be informed on the customs and traditions in different regions
  • realize the importance of protecting and preserving the global cultural heritage
  • get stimulated to become valuable followers of our cultural tradition

The approach

Based on the principles of dramatization and using a rich audiovisual material, children come in contact with the Greek tradition, revive customs and folk tales (“The wedding dress that fitted in a walnut” or “The little Greeks”) and by experiencing situations, they dance Greek traditional dances, bringing the custom of marriage to life.

In the paths of mythology

Topics: Gods were twelve /
The adventures of Theseus /
The Trojan War

The challenge

A wandering of Greek mythology through the most principal mythical circles where children discover their perplexed paths by getting a comprehensive understanding of the prehistoric Greek world.

The educational goals

Taking into account the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the program is oriented to:

  • the magical world of mythology, through learning and entertainment
  • the revival of the most principal mythological circles, the most representative heroes and gods and their achievements
  • the symbolism of their actions
  • the journey to the space-time of myths
  • the connection of myths with arts
  • the activation of the imagination and the body

The approach

By exchanging ideas through brainstorming and with the help of a floor mat, children come in contact with mythology, heroes and gods and, through creative play, improvisations, story dramatization and artistic creations, they create and recreate the course of myths.

Eugenios Pinelakis & the lost colours

Arts program

The challenge

A creative art program through which children find opportunities for self-action and inspiration, develop initiatives, activate their thinking and imagination, discover and explore colours, shapes and existing styles and are artistically expressed.

The educational goals

Through the adventures of a naughty brush, children:

  • learn the basic colours and shapes
  • experiment with the synthesis of new colours
  • discover styles
  • get to know works of famous painters
  • are initiated in the language of Art

The approach

The creative artistic program is introduced with an original puppet show, motivating children to get to know colours and shapes and continuing with musical activities, discovery games and artistic creations.