Social Responsibility Programs

In this section you can find experiential programs on social responsibility and active citizenship.

Our programs have been designed based on educational needs and the curriculum and can be implemented: on the inside or outside of your school or at the Culture & Education Center The Betterland.

With the completion of each experiential program, each student receives a commemorative gift, while the classroom receives a participation award and the teacher supporting material so that teaching on the topic can be continued in the classroom.

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The programs:

Active citizens in action!

A program about social responsibility

The challenge

It’s our duty to help the young generation and cultivate experiences and models that can inspire them to be involved in social issues. To create the responsible citizen of tomorrow, we need the young generation to be interested, to learn, to be involved, to take initiatives, to act and be aware.

The Educational Goals

This specific program, taking into account the Global Goals

for Sustainable Development, focuses on:

  • understanding the importance of individual and collective responsibility
  • having an active role in society
  • the interest and the involvement in social issues
  • the adoption of a positive attitude towards everyday life issues
  • volunteerism and social solidarity
  • contributing to the shaping of personalities

The approach

Using original audiovisual material, students get to know the “me”, the “you” and the “we”, learn about rights, obligations and responsibility, are troubled and perceive situations through the parody of the failings of the “old”, and do all they can to assure the best possible future social fingerprint of the “young” through a multitude of group collaborative activities.