We contribute to the education
of Responsible Citizens of Tomorrow

The Experiential School, the educational department of the non-profit organization “QualityNet Foundation”, has been active since 1997 in the field of non-formal education, aiming at designing and developing educational programs that help in shaping the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The Experiential School, recognizing the important role that education plays in creating good behavior patterns and in the ultimate shaping of the active citizens of tomorrow, invests in the development of innovative educational activities – in response to the needs of the educational community and the international trends that are being developed to strengthen learning – as a recognized action pillar of the formal educational process.

We promote Responsibility

The vision of our Organization is to promote Social Responsibility through developing actions that awaken young and old and raise their awareness as to the adoption of responsible behavior by creating models of “responsible citizens”.

By constantly striving to utilize creativity and enhance the uniqueness of each child, we incorporate through education the promotion of Responsibility, contributing to the change of attitudes, so that the experience acquired becomes a daily habit.

In addition, by wishing to support the educational process on multiple levels, we strive to contribute actively to addressing educational and social needs, through partnerships with Private Initiative Entities, the Academic Community and the Society of Citizens.

Experiential School in numbers:

Since 1997, we have educated…

Since 1997, we have developed…

Our areas of activity:


We implement programs in schools of Primary Education in partnership with teachers, Parent Associations and Municipalities.


We work in harmony with new technologies and the requirements of the digital era, developing digital education platforms.


We implement actions (festivals, events, school competitions etc.) to further awaken and call to action the school community, the family and the local community.


We support the educational process by developing material on a variety of thematic modules and by making this material available to teachers.

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